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History Togliattikauchuk

Ltd. "Togliattikauchuk" - a subsidiary of SIBUR and one of the largest petrochemical complex in Russia, located in Togliatti. 
The enterprise has six production: production of copolymer rubbers capacity of 60 thousand. Tons per year; butyl rubber production capacity of 53 thousand. tons per year; butadiene production capacity of 80 thousand. tons per year of high-octane gasoline additive capacity of 35 thousand. tons per year; isoprene production capacity of 90 thousand. tons per year; isoprene rubber production capacity of 82 thousand. tons per year; production of isobutylene-isobutane fraction capacity of 105 thousand. tons per year and isobutylene capacity of 40 thousand. tons per year. On the basis of isoprene production capacities on manufacture of methyl tert-butyl ether (high-octane gasoline additive). Capacity of the enterprise over the air are 75 thousand. Tons per year.

Industrial infrastructure enterprise located in the territory of 280 hectares. 
In the corporate structure of SIBUR "Togliattikauchuk" is part of the Directorate of synthetic rubber, which is headed by Michael Gordin. 
The main activity - production of synthetic rubber of various grades. Copolymer rubbers used in tire, rubber and other industries. Isoprene rubber used to make tires and rubber, medical products, rubbers, in contact with food. Butyl rubber is used for the manufacture of inner tubes, bladders and rubberized fabrics, medical products and food purposes, in the construction industry. 
The company also produces hydrocarbon fractions, products of organic and inorganic synthesis, monomers, polymers, additives for motor gasoline (methanol and high-octane additive methyl tert-butyl ether). 
Raw material supply company to carry out oil refineries of the Middle Volga, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, and the Siberian region. 
About 70% of "Togliattikauchuk" exported. Deliveries are made of rubber in the United States, Canada, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro, Hungary, the Netherlands, Turkey, France, Belgium, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia and other countries. 
"Togliattikauchuk" regularly is in the process of supervising audit to confirm the environmental management system in compliance with international standard ISO 14001: 2004. Certification authority during the first (in 2009), the second (in 2010) and third (2014) surveillance audits confirmed compliance of the environmental management system requirements of ISO 14001: 2004 SIBUR enterprises. Certificate of Compliance is valid until 2017.


The Director-General 
Ltd. "Togliattikauchuk" 

Morozov Yuri

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